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Fri Apr 23 17:16:21 EDT 2004

On Friday 23 April 2004 15:58, richqrp wrote:
> Someone gave me this idea, after I bought a Swan 350 and brought it home,
> my car smelled, that is how strong the smell was!! And when I brought in
> into my room and lit if off, the heat from the tubes made it worse..
> someone told me to wipe  it down with "Vanilla".. (I know, that is what I
> said when I read it also...) so nothing else was working so I gave it a
> try.. wiped it down inside and out, and left to do a few things, and when I
> came back into the room that smell was gone, and the vanilla did the job..

I too find the smell of cigarettes objectionable. I find if I put the rig
in my small reading room, and smoke several pipefulls of good English
tobacco, with a lot of Latakia, it gets rid of the foul odors.

John W2AGN

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