Meter Wanted AN/URM-120 wattmeter

Dennis L. Wade dwade at PACBELL.NET
Sun Aug 8 19:59:30 EDT 2004

Hello everyone,

        I have a "bi-directional Power Monitor" made my the Sierra Electronics
Division of Philco.  This unit looks very similar, almost identical to
the military AN/URM-120 wattmeter.

        The unit I have has an open meter.  According to the faceplate, its a
25 ua full scale unit.

        Does anyone happen to have a junker wattmeter around with a good meter,
or a meter that might drop in?  This one is about 2.5 in. circular.  I
have a slug, and I'd like to get this thing back working.  Could be
handy around her. :)

             Thanks for reading,


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