[MV] A Disgusting Development... re: eBay

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Sat Aug 21 15:28:00 EDT 2004

Yes, you can remove them after the fact. You can also put toothpaste back into
the tube, but it's a pain.

Furthermore, I just found out the hard way, that with this new 'feature' you can
only bid under the used ID that corresponds to the email account you are logged
into. I run cookie flushers all the time, but eBay has apparently found some new
way of hiding them. They KNEW my user ID and PW, WITHOUT my entering them. So
anyone with access to my computer can bid in my place, w/o knowing my user info.

IMO, this is a real security risk.


Glenn Shaw wrote:

> Hi
> How does it affect snipers?  Does it take a long time for the cookie
> setting to occur?
> I just set the cookie policy to allow cookies for this session only and
> have them expire when the session ends.  Also you can use small programs
> that destroy cookies as soon as they come in such as Cookie Muncher
> (freeware), or you can have them removed by HistoryKill which is a low
> cost program that cleans them up when you close the browser.  Poof no
> cookie problem.
> Glenn
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