A learning Development... re: eBay

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Sat Aug 21 20:39:38 EDT 2004

Not so. I used them extensively until they started to charge a commission for
their services, perhaps 3 years ago. In general, the service did work well most of
the time. Now, I can do just as well manually, free, but at the cost of being
on-line at the auction closing time. When they changed over, they wanted a credit
card as a payment mechanism. For THEIR fees, ot for the auction payment. I closed
the account with eSnipe at that time, demanded they erase my PW records, and have
never gone back.

Sorry, you are wrong.


van lincoln wrote:

> You obviously do not know what esnipe is.  You don't pay them at all,
> except to use THEIR bidding service.  The item payment still follows
> normal channels to the seller, VISA, paypal, or whatever they can
> accept.  ESNIPE just does the bidding for you at the last second,
> using your ebay i.d. and password.  works VERY well, I might add.
> keeps your bidding secret until the last possible second, no one knows
> that you are going to bid, and you keep the price down as well that way.
> van
> wd8aam

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