Help EFJ Ranger II VFO

DJ3IW Goetz dj3iw at T-ONLINE.DE
Thu Dec 16 11:01:14 EST 2004

Hello all,

I recently acquired an EFJ Ranger II that was built from kit by
its previous owner in the early sixties. Although the tx is in
working order it is lacking VFO stability. The drift on 80m seems
acceptable to me but not so when the 40m coil (40 - 10m) is in use.
I tried several times to adjust the temperature compensation as
explained in the manual but to no avail.
That's what it does when observed on 15m: For the first 1h45min the
VFO drifts down approx. 4 kHz (on 15m). Then for a period of 30 to
40 minutes drift slows down and reverses. In this time slot drift
on 15m was about 30Hz per 10 minutes. After a total of 2h30min the
VFO drifts up at about the same speed as initially. i.e. another
4 kHz in slightly less than 2 hours.
Can you give me some advice what to do about this drifting, please?

73 de Goetz
dj3iw at

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