FS - Drake 2A, 2AQ, 2B

Emile Imberman Emile_Imberman at 3COM.COM
Thu Dec 16 17:16:32 EST 2004

I have for sale the following Drake Items.

      1.  Drake 2A,   Cannot tell you much about this one.  Someone has
added a knob and potentiometer near the Meter.  Otherwise looks very nice.
It Is not working.  I was going to work on it, but purchased an R390A and
working to clean it up, etc.   $85.00 plus shipping.
      2.  Drake 2B,   I have been using this off and on for two years.  I
listen to 3880 and 3922 a couple of times a month.  I just unplugged it.
It is a "Fair" looking Radio.  Cabinet could use a repaint, but nothing
missing and is loaded with Crystals for all of 10 Meters, etc.   $135.00
plus shipping.
      3.  Drake 2AQ,  This was also In-Line, working with the 2B above.
Has a piece broken from one of the Knobs.  I have not been able to find a
replacement. Speaker and Cabinet OK.   $55.00, but will only sell with one
of the Receivers. Or, if both Receivers sell.  Don't want to part with it

If anyone wants all 3 Pieces,  $ 250.00 plus shipping....  Sorry, but I
don't have any Manuals.....Let me know.

                                                      Emile,  W5EMI

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