Help EFJ Ranger II VFO

Ed Tanton n4xy at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat Dec 18 20:09:19 EST 2004

Keep in mind folks that there is a (relatively) simple way to replace the
18k resistor permanently. Open the compartment and SHORT the resistor with
a soldered, insulated, jumper wire. This is much easier than trying to get
another resistor into its place.

You then find THE wire that goes into the VFO compartment (e.g. to that
now-zero-ohm resistor) and interrupt it. Add a NEW  ~10W (or more, total)
18k (total) 'resistor' (2 x 5k, 1 x 8k/etc. 3 to 5W each) in series with
that wire and its original source. There was one spare terminal on a
terminal strip somewhere nearby, and I then ran the resistor-combo from the
source to that terminal strip, and attached the wire to the VFO compartment
to the other end. Works like a champ.

When I get some time, I am going to remove the 0A2 altogether from the VFO
compartment, and add a combined 20-25W (5 x 20V 5W ea 1 10V 5W-or just
leave it at 100V combined with the 5 20s) of zeners to that same
resistor/VFO-wire junction; to ground.

I have to go in anyway because the darn cam has slipped, and has to be
reset/ remounted/ repositioned/ whatever; and since there's nothing like
seeing the switch actually in the right place; and it wouldn't hurt to get
in there and respray the contacts and relube the switch detent path, I
might as well do it all.

And... if I'm going to do that, I might as well remove that VR tube in the
process (and add those zeners.) If I'm feeling REALLY ambitious, I'm going
to 'select' the most stable 6AU6 I have out of the 5 or 6 new ones around
here before I button the thing up again.

And finally... as long as I'm going to do all that, I might as well drill
and pin the darn cam to the shaft once it's 'right'. Unless someone has a
better idea for permanently keeping that *%^#$*^$ cam in place?

73  Ed Tanton N4XY <n4xy at>

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