Hammarlund History

Rinkie & Ron Pollack rinkies at ADELPHIA.NET
Thu Dec 30 23:51:32 EST 2004

This query is of an historical rather than technical nature.

I have a nice HQ170, which I use frequently with some Heathkit transmitters
(AT1, DX20, DX35, and will also use Marauder when I get it back on the air.)

According to various sources, Hammarlund was in New York City until about
1968, at which time they moved to Mars Hill NC.  The HQ170, I believe, was
manufactured only until 1961 or so. (Mine is not the A model).  However,
there is a tube layout chart and model identifier pasted on the back of the
cabinet that says "Hammarlund, Mars Hill, NC."

Did they have manufacturing there earlier than 68, or was this label added

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks and Happy New Year to all!

Ron K2RP

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