February Classic Exchange

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The Classic Exchange "CX" is a contest celebrating the older commercial
and homebrew equipment that was the pride of our ham shacks and our
bands just a few short decades ago. Our object is to encourage
restoration, operation and enjoyment of this older equipment. You may
use any equipment in the contest although new gear is a distinct scoring
liability. You can still work the "great ones" with your new equipment!

The Classic Exchange will run from 1400 UTC February 8 to 0800 UTC
February 9, 2004 (9 AM EST Sunday to 3 AM EST Monday).  Exchange your
name, RST, QTH
(State, province for Canada; country for DX), receiver and transmitter
type (homebrew send final amp tube or transistor), and other interesting
conversation. The same station may be worked with different equipment
combinations on each band and on each mode. Non?participants may be
worked for credit.

CW: send “CQ CX"
Phone: call "CQ Classic Exchange."

Suggested frequencies:
        CW:     1.810, 3.545, 7.045, 14.045, 21.135, 28.180 Mc/s
        SSB:     3.870, 7.280, 14.270, 21.370, 28.490 Mc/s
        AM:     1.890, 3.880, 7.290, 14.280, 21.380, 29.000 Mc/s

Visit the CX web page at http://www.qsl.asti.com/CX for all the latest
CX info!

Scoring:  Multiply total QSOs (all bands) by total number of different
receivers plus transmitters (transceivers count as both xmtr and rcvr)
plus states/provinces/countries worked on each band and mode. Multiply
that total by your CX Multiplier, which is the total years of age of all
receivers and transmitters, you used; three QSOs minimum per unit. For
transceiver, multiply age by two. If equipment is homebrew, count it as
a minimum of 25 years old unless actual construction date or date of its
construction article (in the case of a "reproduction") is older.

Total QSOs all bands times RCVRs + XMTRs + states/provinces/countries
(total each band and mode separately; add totals together) times CX

               SCORE = QSOs x (Rx + Tx + QTHs) x CX Mult

There is a good CX logger program available for free at:

Certificates and appropriate memorabilia are awarded every now and then
for the highest score, the longest DX. exotic equipment, best excuses
and other unusual achievements. Send logs, scores, comments, anecdotes,
and pictures to: "Mac" MacAulay at WQ8U at arrl.net or 6235 Wooden Shoe
Lane, Centerville, OH 45459?1557.  The next Newsletter will be posted on
the CX web site. Paper copies are available upon request.

Any Questions, feel free to ask!

Howie WB2AWQ

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