FS: RME-45 w/matching speaker

Dennis L. Wade dwade at PACBELL.NET
Thu Feb 12 13:58:58 EST 2004

Good Evening,

      For Sale:  RME-45 Communications Receiver and
hard to find matching speaker.

        After much thought, I've decided that this is
one project I will not get to in my lifetime.  Too
many competing interests and other radio projects.  I
want it to go to someone who has the time and interest
to put in the time this very restorable radio needs.
I am the second owner.  I have not done any work on it.

     Generally, the RME-45 is in very good condition
for a radio nearly 60 yrs old.  Covers about 550 kcs
to 33 mcs in 6 bands.  9 - 7 volt tubes in a single
conversion design.  455kc IF.  Xtal filter with
phasing control and 5 positions of selectivity.  BFO.

        Condition:  All knobs are there except part of
the mail tuning knob.  The main tuning is described as
a two speed design.  There apparently was an inner
smaller knob on top of the existing larger knob.
There is a hole where it should go.  I have never
found the missing knob.  The gray hammertone finish is
in pretty good shape on the front panel.  No dents or
serious scratches.  Wear ring around main tuning and
lower part of dial bezel.  All glass intact.  Some
light corrosion on heads of screws.  Dirty inside top
of chassis.  Paint beginning to flake on top and sides.

      Paint is somewhat rougher on the matching
speaker, especially on the top and sides.  Grill and
speaker cone in good shape. Some light rust on top.

        I powered it up this afternoon.  Man, is it
pretty with its large, lit up dial.  Hung about a 20
foot piece of wire around the garage, and was
listening to local AM broadcast, WWV, and some SW
broadcasts in the 60, 49 and 31 meter bands. Nice full
audio.  Controls need cleaning.  I'm sure it will need
the typical capacitor replacement and alignment work
for a receiver of its age.  It does seem to have
inadequate AVC action on large signals.  I was
surprised that there isn't any sign of hum from old
power supply caps.  Heard signals up through band
5..didn't spend a lot of time looking around on band 6

        Price:  $200.00 firm  Included is a copy of the SAMS for it, and I
think I have a Ryder's copy around here.

        Shipping:  I don't want to.  Its heavy, and
I'm nervous about trying to pack an old tube radio to
withstand a shippers antics.  I will deliver to
Livermore or Foothill swapmeets on their regular
dates.  I will also go as far east as Reno, and
equivalent distances to the north and south.  Other
arrangements for the right price.  I will not
rule out shipping, but it will not be cheap and at the
buyer's expense.

        Digital pictures on request.  Feel free to ask
questions.  I will be away from my email from Sunday
2/15 through Thurs 2/19.  If you email during that
time, I will get back to you when I return.

                Thanks for reading.

"If you can remain calm, you just don't have all the facts"

Dennis Wade
Carmichael, CA

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