FS: Massive Power Amplifier Deck: Johnson Desk KW Power Amplifier Module

Freeberg, Scott (STP) Scott.Freeberg at GUIDANT.COM
Fri Feb 20 11:41:57 EST 2004

For Sale:  Johnson Desk KW high power rf deck.  

When I first started looking for a full Desk KW, I came across this RF deck and bought it, thinking I might need it for parts, depending on the condition of my future Desk KW. Resulting Desk KW is gorgeous so I didn't need to raid this unit at all. 

What I have is the removable high power amplifier RF deck portion of the Desk KW. It is a module which plugs into the Desk KW pedestal, and holds the high power amp, front panel, meters, etc. I believe it to be complete. I have pictures somewhere that I'll find this weekend. 

This would be a great starter for a mombo amplifier project. The front panel is in fair condition at best, main tuning knob looks to be a Valiant knob, other knobs are either poor condition or non original. Both meters look good, plate tuning indicator looks ok. Mechanicals look very good. All shields in place and in good order. Ceramic terminal strip for connection to the Pedestal is unbroken and clean. I've never powered up it. I've never opened up the cabinet to look inside. Its been sitting in the shipping box that it came in. I'm asking $450 plus shipping and insurance.
Thanks.  73, Scott WA9WFA

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