PCB Transparency Film

Bill Fuqua wlfuqu00 at UKY.EDU
Sat Feb 21 12:04:20 EST 2004

The transparency film does not work so well. I have used it and the toner
is not stuck to it at all and sometimes comes off
in the fuser in the copier or straight lines become wavy ones.

A company makes a product that glossy paper covered with something like
elmers glue. The toner sticks well to the coating and after you iron it on
it easily dissolves in water leaving the pattern fused to the copper. This
stuff is expensive. An alternate method uses glossy photo printing paper.
It works the same way but it may take an hour or so for surface to soften
to allow the toner to remain on the coper. But it does work.

Look at this guy's page on using a laser printer ( works same a photo copier).


Bill wa4lav

At 11:01 PM 2/20/2004 -0600, Orrin & Phyllis wrote:
>Does anyone know where you get specially treated clear transparency film
>to copy a circuit from say a magazine? Then you run it through a plain
>copier and the image transfers to the film. Then you iron the
>transparency onto the board and etch it. It worked good for me and it is
>an almost dry process.
>I used to buy TECH-200 from Meadowlake Corp. in FL. but they don't
>make it anymore. I saw a reference to the Dynart Corp. in CA but could
>not find it on their web site.
>Thanks for any help with this.
>Orrin Bentz        minmar at 2z.net
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