Bob Lydon AB3L1 at AOL.COM
Mon Feb 23 20:55:55 EST 2004

First I would like to thank Clive GW3WEQ for sending me the four pin plug
that I needed. Quite a gentleman!

I am still looking for the three pin style male for the cord end. The
original part number from Cannon is P3-CG-12S. One would be fine and more than that a
bonus. This is for an old Gates three input broadcast mixer.

The plug that Clive sent me was made by F & E and the three pin number would
be EP-CG-3-12. This plug fits just fine but does not have the lock lever on it
like the Cannon.

I should mention that the outside diameter of the ring is 1-1/8" with the
three pins recessed in the ring.

Thank you,

Bob AB3L

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