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Neil McKie n.mckie at BENDCABLE.COM
Thu Feb 26 08:42:26 EST 2004

  The 8643 was the tube Motorola used in the higher power Motrac
 radios of the time.

  In the case of the UHF Motrac series LHT & MHT, Motorola used
 selected tubes: part number 97-136A02

  The VHF High-band Motracs series LHT & MHT, Motorola used the
 selected tubes: part number 97-136A01


  For those of you who need the information ...

  Remember the RCA Engineering style tube manuals that lay flat
 and were the loose-leaf type?  Ie: you could remove the pages
 for the occasional updates?

  I have that set of Tube Manuals here in case anyone needs me
 to look up anything.

  Yes, I do happen to collect stuph ...

  Neil - WA6KLA

Glen Zook wrote:
> Same here!  The 6907 is the next step above the 832A
> and below the 829B.  The 5894 is the next step above
> the 829B and the 8643 is the next one over the 5894.
> There is no way a 6907 is going to put out 80 watts
> and last very long in a practical circuit!  Motorola
> used them in some of the 15 - 18 watt output mobiles.
> I have several around left over from when I owned the
> Motorola reconditioned equipment center for the
> south-central United States.
> They are about 40% of the height of the 5894, about
> the size of the 832A except they are pretty much a
> cylinder in shape.  They are a pretty good VHF / UHF
> tube, at least up through the 70 cm band.
> Glen, K9STH
> --- Neil McKie <n.mckie at BENDCABLE.COM> wrote:
> In my experience with the 6907's (I have a few here
> somewhere) the  maximum I ever got out one was about
> 18 watts on the 460 MHz band - in commercial two-way
> radio service.
> =====
> Glen, K9STH
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> http://home.comcast.net/~k9sth
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