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Thu Feb 26 21:55:58 EST 2004

Hi Scott,

Your argument is not with me but with the manufacturer and his 
data sheet!

I would bet I can get 79 watts out of one if the data sheet
says it will do it. You could probably could give it 
50 volts more on the plate and get another additional 5 watts out!

"Torturing old tubes for fun" de AF4K/QRO

p.s. Glen is ALWAYS right!

Original Message:
From: Scott Johnson -

Glen is right.  I think perhaps there might be two tubes with the same #,
but the one talked about here is an Amperex design that was part of their
push -pull line of tubes built on the basis of the "grandpappy " RCA 829/
832 this line includes the 6360,6939,6907,5894, and several others that both
Mot and GE used in their land mobile gear in the fifties and sixties.  These
tubes are absolute works of art, but the dainty little 6907 ain't gonna put
out 80 watts no way no how.  Some place I have an Amperex data book, and if
I find it I will post the specs.

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