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Mon Jan 5 21:09:34 EST 2004

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Subject: Re: [TCA] HV meter

Another reply to the problem of measuring high ac voltage without the
venerable Sensitive Reaearch ESH style meter is to use the Tektronix Very
high voltage probe with an
  H-P 410 series ac meter.
The probe output must be shunted with a resistor comparable to the input
resistance of the
'scope which is normally used. A 60 hz compensation may have to be added
to the reading
for accuracy. I believe that this is indicated in the probe data sheet.
Don't even look for the price of the probe now as it is over a grand!
I picked up mine at a hamfest for 20 bucks. These probes use a
flourocarbon  -R-11- I think as a dielectric. if a drop is still visible
at the probe tip it is enough, the gas is the dielectric.
On the probe it states:  (model) P-6015, 3uuf-100 meg dc, 20 kv max dc
cont, 40 kv peak pulse,
above 100 kc see derating chart.
I cannot find my Tek catalogue-darn.
I have used this o measure the loaded/unloaded voltage on neon tx, quite
a difference.
like it says-have fun..
jack      jackiv at juno.com

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