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Thanks for the interesting information.  Did some of these "SSB"
transmissions include some pilot carriers?

General Curtis LeMay was said to have used some "amateur" gear to prove
to the superiority of SSB comms to the Air Force, maybe in the late 40's
or 50's.

I think I remember a similar discussion here a few years back.

Someone stated that some form of synchronous detection was used on these
wire line or possibly microwave circuits.  Either the low-level carrier
was filtered and amplified or an analogue circuit somehow locked onto it.

I believe it was stated that either radio or TV network sound was
carried on these SSB circuits over the long haul.

Am I dreaming?

Ray Colbert wrote:

>As I recall, SSB was first used by Western Electric
>for their overseas cable (?)telehphone circuits in the 1920
>to 1922 time frame.  There were some early published ssb
>transmitter info in I think the 50 year anniversary issues
>of QST.  The last time I worked on microwave systems,
>the mux cards were all ssb channels, about 3 khz wide
>upper and lower per channel.
>Amateur usage and experiments started in the
>late 40's and early 50's.  So unique at that time the pubs
>like QST and CQ had separate columns.
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