FS Rare Siltronix 1011B

Tobe Wheale KD7RIZ at MSN.COM
Fri Jan 23 12:43:51 EST 2004

VERY RARE B MODEL. Excellent overall condition, $200 + shipping

"The original Swan 1011 "plain" and the later relabeled Siltronix 1011B
versions are really a rig to work the Upper HF bands, starting at about
27MHz. A 10 meter Amateur Tranceiver with 11 meter CB RECEIVE-ONLY capacity
as-built. The Siltronix 1011 plain, the Siltronix 1011B version and the
plain Swan 1011 are the same basic unit with different cosmetics. The story
goes that Hams and the ARRL made a hugh protest to Swan and when the
first "Swan 1011" ad was first seen in 73 Magazine. The rig was seen by
Hams as nothing but a Swan CB tranceiver, when in fact it did contain the
10 Meter Amateur Band. Damage control kicked in back at Swan and the
seperate Siltronix Company was formed to market the renamed rig."

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