D-104 elements

Don Buska d.buska at ADVANTEST.COM
Thu Jan 29 14:12:20 EST 2004


Sorry to hear about your bad luck with the eBay mic Glen.  I guess
we hear mostly the eBay horror stories on the reflectors and
have to wonder just what percentage it really is.  Heck, how
many swapfest deals have you made that the seller also stated
it works fine, hi.

I've purchased four D-104's off eBay in the past two years.
Don't ask me why I need that many as I don't have a sane answer!
Two were Silver Eagles and the others just plain jane D-104's.
In my case they all worked just fine.

Another reflector comments indicated the shipping which can run these
things right up there.  Agreed 100%.  Make sure you read the
shipping and "over-handling" charges up front.  There is no reason
why a D-104 shouldn't go across the country, packed well, for more
than six to seven bucks.  Some people think it's worth an
additional $10 to stuff newspaper in an old grocery store
box.  Anytime I sold things on eBay myself it was always
at a estimated shipping cost.  In most cases I ended up
lossing a little.  Still this is to be expected on lower cost
items.  Remember, all mail orders will charge S&H, even when its
free shipping the cost in built in somewhere along the line.
If your lucky enough to have a good electronics store nearby
it will still cost you gas.  AES is only about 50 miles from me,
so that's about $4.50 in gas.  Not money well spent if all I
buy is a PL-259, hi.

Anyhoot, back to BA stuff.  I'll have to give RS a try.  Seems
I checked them a couple of years back (was looking for a replacement
cartridge for the Astatic N30 Mic) and all I found was those
little eletrek (sic) types (used on Icoms and lot's of 2M FM
stuff).  Maybe they've added to there line. RS seems to be dropping
more and more of their parts all the time. It may be time to stock up...


Don N9OO

On Thu, 29 Jan 2004 10:01:19 -0800 (PST), Glen Zook wrote:

>Unfortunately, the crystal elements are easily damaged
>and the couple of D-104s that I have gotten from eBay
>had bad elements!  Thus, you have to be very careful.
>One "head" looked brand new, but the element was
>"shot".  As such, I wouldn't pay too much for an eBay
>version.  In fact, I would want to be able to try out
>any crystal microphone that I buy if more than a
>couple of dollars.
>Glen, K9STH
>--- Don Buska <d.buska at ADVANTEST.COM> wrote:
>With that said though, D-104's appear on eBay all the
>time (try between 5 and 10 per day) and sell for
>between $20 and $40 each
>Glen, K9STH
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