Settlement Printer QSL Cards Update

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu Jul 1 18:53:53 EDT 2004

FYI guys - these cards that Gary WD4NKA makes are all
hand-made and very labor intensive. Done on a kewl old
hand press. They are nothing like the plastic cookie-cutter
cards you get from most modern QSL printers.

Bear with him if he takes a while to get your order done -
but it's worth the wait!

If you think I do strange things with crystals - the latest was
retro-fitting half a dozen 160m and 80m phone band crystals
into old FT-171B holders for a guy's BC-610 -
THAT is KEWL too!

73s - Bry, AF4K

On 1 Jul 2004 at 13:08, Wd4nka at wrote:

> Hi, folks:
> ( Bry, could you forward this to FlaBoatanchors?)
> Just an update.
> The Settlement Printshop is waiting for a font of Cooper
> 36pt to show up so i can finish my last Card order and
> get it shipped ( it's on it's way, Tony, really!! ). After this, i was
> planning to add to our lineup some business-sized call cards ( some
> call them "eyeball-qsl cards") which might be handy items to have on
> hand at hamfests, club gatherings, or wherever it is inconvenient to
> scramble for pen and paper to write down your call, phone-number, etc.
> These cards are especially handy at hamfests, when you find a
> vendor is out of something, and you want them to get back
> with you when they have their stock in. Shreds of paper
> gets lost, but a business card is far more likely to stay
> in the notebook, wallet, or clip-board.
> I have a proof copy i pulled yesterday of my own card,
> "All Things Wireless & Letterpress" which is rather light,
> but it might scan enough to give an idea what they can
> look like. Follows the same lines as the conservative exec.
> cards of years gone by. Scan available upon request.
> These cards are handset and can feature your Call, whatever
> heading or preamble, name, address and phone number.
> They are printed on regular card stock of 90 - 110 lbs,
> usually buff or white, printed individually. They do look
> like they came right out of the WW1 era. Single colour,
> only, at this point and time.
> Prices: 100 cards .......... 25.00
> 250 cards ......... 45.00
> 500 cards ......... 75.00
> 1000 cards ........125.00
> + shipping.
> ( BTW, i am now doing short-run QSL cards,
> to. Short run meaning 100, 250 and 500 card runs.
> Prices available upon request. These are also handset
> letterpress printed, a la WW1 era. At this point there
> is one typeset design.)
> Turn-around time is 2-3 weeks if no plating or
> special order fonts are involved. The old Chandlers
> can only do a whopping 10 impressions per minute.
> The Settlement Print Shop has standard Housfonts
> ( Caslon, Century Book, the usual 1890s fare )
> and some decorative and specialty fonts. We also
> have special boarder fonts, and even 15th Century
> Blackletter caps. Sometimes i am asked for a particular
> font, and if it appears in a foundry catalogue, i can get
> it. But, this can take a couple weeks to ship, so there
> is added delay, as i am finding out. I will endeavour as
> much as possible to absorb the cost of ordering new
> fonts. I want to make authentic cards available to the
> vintage-oriented clientelle, without charging Palm Beach
> Boutique prices. Some of these fonts can run into the
> hundreds of dollars.
> ( hey, but at least there ARE still type foundries still alive!! )
> Tnx for enough patronage to keep me busy for the past month
> and a half. It's an experience. And it's helping the Settlement
> become a recognised spot on the map, too.
> * * * * * * * * * * * *
> Other radio/ wireless print items i am considering:
> CW copy pads. As if you don't have enough paper.
> These are handy pads, about the size of Radiogrammes, and
> have a place to put the date and freq. And other stuff if needed.
> Typical WD4NKA shack operation: On a full night of cw work,
> i find paper strewn all over the place, and sometimes i just flat
> forget to write down times and frequencies. Sometimes i hears a call
> and sticks the impromptu paper in the carriage of the old Corona, and
> there i goes. Do i dutifully log each contact upon completion? Oh,
> pleeeeze! No, i am hunting thru piles of copy, piecing the night
> together. I have a sneaking feeling i am not alone in this. Maybe
> alone in admitting it, but not the commission therof. I visit other
> shacks, i know the tell-tales . . . . . .
> I definately benefit from these things.
> When i hear the "R R R . . . ", theres my que to fill in date and
> freq. At the end of the night, i can enter these into the logbook at
> my leisure. In fact, these pages can be nice enough to keep around . .
> . just to clutter the shack up more!
> Yeah, i can do that without a form . . . but do i? Is the Pope
> Protestant?
> You cw types might benefit from these pads, too. And . . . a '40s
> looking heading and form might even bring back memories of "Dawn
> Patrol" or "Pennsylvania 6-5000" to complete the nostalgia of your
> HQ-129/ mopa contact. Just the thing for the ham who thinks he has
> everything. And probably does.
> Tnx fer the bandwidth of my shameless plug.
> gary // wd4nka
> visit my site at:

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