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Tue Jul 6 19:10:50 EDT 2004

Richard, the guy that runs Leeds, is absolutely a horse's you know what!! I
couldn't believe the treatment I got from him when they had something I needed.
He even blessed me out for sending too many email messages for questions I
had about a purchase I wanted to make at the time. I included a note with my
check that asked to wrap each item individually in bubble wrap. He included a
note when my package arrived that said "don't tell me how to pack, I have packed
more of these than you will ever buy in your lifetime" but he did wrap them
individually in bubble wrap like I asked. Later when it came time to buy more I
didn't include the note the next time and he didn't pack very well either,
just bundled them all together inside one wrap and they weren't all that tight
inside the box. Leeds was one of the original "Radio Row" stores and it is
amazing they are still in business. They advertise "In business since 1923" I think
it says. They sure didn't get there with that kind of customer service
though. I decided not to take offense, I just chalked it up to him having been
toughened up from being in that part of New York too long (no offense intended to
New Yorkers)! I have bought some nice new old stock parts for restoration jobs
that were not available anywhere else. Just be prepared to bite your tongue if
Leeds has something you need you can't get anywhere else.

Regards, Greg

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