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Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jul 6 22:14:45 EDT 2004

As a result of my recent need for a control box for my
45 year old CDE AR-22 (hopefully have one on its way)
I discovered a very inexpensive source of a
replacement for the starting capacitor that is used in
most brands of rotors.

The cheapest place that I found these was W. W.
Grainger Company.  They have branches in many areas of
the country.  However, they no longer sell to
individuals.  But, if you have a company, or work for
a company and have a business card, they will open you
a "cash" account and you are in business.  Also,
Grainger has all sorts of other things that you just
"can't live without"!

Anyway, Grainger part number 4X064 is a 110/125 VAC,
50/60 Hz, 233-280 mfd capacitor that works perfectly
in place of the same range in capacitance but 50 VAC
capacitor that is used in most rotors.  The price is
$4.07 in single quantities.  The capacitor is made by
Mallory and their part number is 3534B2A0233A110.

I would suspect that the capacitor is available from
motor rebuilding shops, etc. under the Mallory part
number.  However, the price may be a little bit

Since the capacitor is rated at 110/125 VAC they are
slightly larger than the original capacitors.  But,
they will fit in most control boxes.  Also, they had
terminals for "slip on" connectors.  But, I had no
problem soldering on wires to make the connections
inside the rotor control boxes.

Since I was quoted prices up to about $15 for a
replacement capacitor, I definitely could solder a
couple of short wires to the capacitor and save well
over $10!

Grainger's web site is

and the description of the capacitor can be found by
using the "search" function at the top of the page.
Just "click" on the arrow next to "keyword(s)", click
on "Grainger item number", and then put in 4X064 in
the box to the right and click "go".  It will take you
right to the item!

Anyway, if you are a firm believer in the principles
of the conservation of your finances and labor (you
can read "cheap and lazy") like me, and if you are in
need of a starting capacitor to repair your rotor (the
capacitor going bad represents at least 90% of the
problems with rotors), then this capacitor is a viable
alternative to paying what the rotor manufacturers

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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