FS: SB-634, SB-200, HS-24, etc. -UPDATE-

Joseph Lutz tazzie at LOCALNET.COM
Wed Jul 14 22:31:46 EDT 2004

> Time to start moving them out:
> Item 01:    SB-634 Station Console - had this plugged in for quite
>                 some time - and all LED's and alarm worked.  Got tired
>                 of the noise, etc and unplugged it.  Have plugged it back
>                 in and finally got all LED's to come on, it will count
>                 but cannot get the audible alarm to sound - except when
>                 turning on?  Anyway, selling as is - with Original Manual.
>                 Price:  $45.00 Shipped/CONUS

> Item 02:   HS-24  Mobile speaker - VGC with Original manual.
>                 Price: $20.00 + Shipping
> Item 03:    SB-200 PA - Kid needed money for college at one of
>                  the swap meets I was at - looks very nicely done - and
>                  clean inside.  Running 272B's.  I have it on my bench
>                  opened up so I could check - as I have never used it!!
>                  One of the front knobs has the silver insert missing, and
>                  I never got around to ordering one from the chap that
>                  has them for sale.  Had 7 PA's and have decided to
>                  keep my 30L-1, and will probably end up not using it
>                  also.  At 1450' on a ridge I do a pretty good job with
>                   barefoot.  I was given quite a stack of manuals for the
>                   unit, along with the Harbach upgrade instructions - but
>                  cannot tell if it had been done.  I am planning to put
>                   power to it and run the checks in the installation
>                   on it.  As all know - this is heavy - so if anyone is
>                   WPA, pick up is an option.
>                   Price:  $200.00 + Shipping     ******SOLD******(
> I will advise results of the testing on the PA.
> 73,
> Joe W7LPF
> New Florence PA
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