[The WS No19] R.1155 site & valve question.. more

Chris Gill micro at IIG.COM.AU
Thu Jul 29 10:00:54 EDT 2004

G'Day John and all,
First I have to correct a mistake in the list, VR 100 is a NR 64, CV 1100 or
KTW 62, KTW 61. which is also noted in the tube list inside the back of the
case. A list I have gives the rough equivalents as KTW 61 / CV 1261 as a
6S7G, the KTW 63 / CV 1195 as a 6K7G, 6U7G. The KTW 61,62,63 are all from
the same maker (M.O.) and family of tubes, the gm for the 61 and 62 are
close at 2and high (almost double that of a KTW 63 which is closer to the
6K7 etc.
The list show's the near American equivalent for X65 / VR 99 as a 6K8G  and
the VI 103 / Y61 or Y63 as the 6U5G or 6M1.
I can find no near equivalents to the VR 101/MHLD6 or for the VR 102 / BL63.
I have a 100 plus of these KTW 62's and keep a small stock of spares for
most of the tubes in the 1155, having 3 of these receivers in the
collection, 2 I have owned since the early fifties. Hope this helps,

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