Collins S-Line Paint Formulas

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jun 7 19:09:16 EDT 2004

A number of people have asked about the formulas for
the S-Line paints (I furnished the formula for the St.
James Gray a while back).  I had the paints computer
matched a while back by Sherwin-Williams and they are
"right on" in terms of the 75S-1 receiver that I took
them to match.  The "base" paint is acryllic satin
finish and both colors used the B20 W 51 part number.
A couple of people have told me that they had the St.
James Gray paint done and that it was "right on" just
like my experience.

I have the formula for the cabinet itself.
Unfortunately, they failed to put the label on the
quart that I had made up for the trim ring!

This is for a gallon (I use a lot more of the cabinet
paint than the trim ring!).  It will have to be
"scaled" to get only a quart.

Paint type:  Proclassic "Extra White" B20W51

Colorant      OZ  32  64  128
B1 Black       4   -   -    -
Y3 Deep Gold   -  62   -    -
N1 Raw Umber   2   6   -    -

I called the store and got the formula for the trim

Same paint type!  This is for 1 quart of trim ring

Colorant      OZ  32  64  128
N1 Raw Umber   -  17   -    -
G2 New Green   -   1   -    1
B1 Black       -   2   1    -
Y1 Yellow      -   1   -    -

I hope the trim ring is right!  I only got two cans of
paint that day and only one in a quart size.  Their
computer shows that as the formula for the quart that
I got.

These are in a satin finish which looks real good!  I
did overspray a 312B-4 for a fellow who wanted a more
gloss finish using Krylon Crystal Clear.  He was very
satisfied!  However, I prefer the satin finish which
looks more like the units after a year, or so.

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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