feedline strain-relief

paul hendershott pjhender2002 at YAHOO.COM
Sat Jun 12 10:14:48 EDT 2004

Hi Folks - I am running about 150' of RG-213 feed-line out to a new light-weight antenna. The run of wire is suspended up about 20 feet. My problem is that the feed-line becomes quite heavy with this large span and I was trying to think of ways to handle the strain at both the antenna end and the end going into the attic from outside.

I envisioned something clamping around the coax that also allowed me to affix one end the clamp to the coaxial cable and the other to a heavy duty spring attached to the garage which sits next to the antenna. Also a spring/clamp before the point where the coax enters my attic from the outside. This way the weight of the suspended coax section could be handled by springs allowing for high winds etc..

Are there such coax strain-relief clamps out there, or are there better and easier solutions to this problem than what my unusual mind has conjured up?

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