Orrin Bentz minmar at 2Z.NET
Tue Jun 22 08:41:35 EDT 2004

Hello All

I screwed up and am terribly embarrassed. Yesterday I created email
folders for each person  who bought things from me in order to keep
things organized. Then I moved each email pertanent to that persons
order to his/hers respective folder. Now this morning I discover that
all the folders are gone, vasnished, disappeared.

If you bought something from me could you please confirm what you
ordered and at what price. The items are an AC Leakage Meter, Tripplet
 850, Tek LC Meter, & a Heath power supply ( for a Mr. Yazz I think ).

Also I will need your shipping addresss so I can calculate the shipping
charges and get back to you today.

I apologize for the bandwidth this has taken but I want these people to
get what they ordered from me.

Thank you

Orrin Bentz

16825 Sugar Hills Rd.
Grand Rapids, MN

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