FS: Heathkits, RCA and Various Items

Dave Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Tue Mar 2 21:13:33 EST 2004

I have the following items for sale that are excess to my needs.  Prices
do not include shipping. I will ship overseas.

Solar Capacitor Exam-eter Capacitor Checker.......$80 plus shipping
This is a multi-function vintage capacitor tester which tests
capacitance, resistance, power factor, leakage, and insulation
resistance. Also has an ac/dc VTVM built-in. This is a working unit in
nice condition. Includes a copy of the manual.

Heathkit IG-42 Signal Generator...................$30 plus shipping
This is the higher end signal generator from the 1960’s with shielded
compartments and better performance than the lower end Heathkit signal
generators. Covers 100 kHz to 30 MHz in 5 bands with both CW and
modulated CW functions, a step attenuator with steps in microvolts,
adjustable modulation and jacks are for external modulated source No
manual but they are available from several sources. Unit works in the CW

mode but modulation does not work.

Heathkit SG-6 Signal Generator.................$20 plus shipping
Nice compact working unit covering 160 kHz to 150 MHz in 5 bands.

Weston Electric Vintage AC Voltmeter and AC Ammeter.........$45 plus
These are neat bakelite meters that must be 50-60 years old. Voltmeter
covers 0-300 Volts in two ranges through two separate binding post
connections. Ammeter covers 0-20 amps in two ranges.

Precision Apparatus Series 85 VOM.........$30 plus shipping
Vintage well built VOM. Tested and working.

Triplett 630-PL VOM................$25 plus shipping
Nice working VOM. Needs new battery for highest resistance scale - all
other ranges are OK

Nye Viking Phone Patch..............$25 plus shipping
Working unit in excellent condition with cables.

RCA Advanced Voltohmyst VTVM.............$40 plus shipping
Older RCA VTVM in working condition with probes. Case has been repainted

and a metal handle has been added.

Weston Antique Milliameter..............$30 plus shipping
This is a neat antique meter. Working in very good condition. Measures
15, 75 and 300 mA through separate binding post connections.

Book - "The Portable Radio in American Life" ..........$25 plus shipping

This is a 260 page book published in 1991 covers the history of portable
tube radios and transistor radios from the 1920's to the 1970's.
Includes historical information on Sony, Zenith radio,
Admiral radio and many other brands who built portable radios. This is
an excellent reference book if you collect portable and transistor
radios. These are new books. This is a great radio reference book. I
have 1 of these books left.

Set of crystals for the Navy TDQ transmitter...$60 plus shipping
Their are 24 crystals of which 23 ( a few duplicates) are the original
Navy crystals; one crystal is not. The wooden box is in great shape
also. Here are the frequencies all in MHz: 5.80,12.90,13.10, 13.26,
13.50, 13.74,13.75, 13.82, 14.02, 14.02, 14.30, 15.62 ,15.64, 15.66,
15.85, 15.86,15.86,15.86,15.92,15.92, 16.00, 16.24

Amiga 1000 Computer System with Goodies ..........$50 plus shipping
Includes the computer,  floppy drive, mouse, keyboard, user's manual,
printer cables and software. This is all untested. There is no monitor
despite being shown in the photo.

Thanks for looking.

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