FS: Siltronix 1011B

Tobe Wheale kd7riz at MSN.COM
Thu Mar 4 21:21:26 EST 2004

EXTREMELY rare, near new condtion SILTRONIX B MODEL. serial #2955, w/
manual (copy). Cabinet is unscathed w/ no visible scratches, all original
hardware, dials, and knobs, working lights and meters, tubes and components
all in good to very good condition. Only cosmetic flaw is slight lamp burn
on inside frequency dial above "Channel 19". During my pre-sale testing
(and dusting), I did discover that the transmit was less than 2kz off from
receive. A "quick" alignment offered improvement and am confident a "good"
alignment will only increase performance. This wonderful rig deserves the
care of a true collector...   $300 + shipping

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