FS: Two Tube Testers

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Mar 8 08:28:44 EST 2004


Heath TC-2 Tube Tester
Excellent tube tester that will test a wide variety of tubes.
Roll chart is built in and operates perfectly.
A couple of the small knobs are missing, but otherwise
it is complete and in excellent working condition.
Heavy duty hinged case in excellent condition.
Comes with the original instruction book also.
Available for $65.00 plus shipping

EMC 213 Tube Tester in excellent condition.
Made by Electronic Measurements Corp. of New York.
Able to test most tubes: Octal, Loctal, 9-pin, 7 pin,
Nuvistors, Compactrons with 9 pins and 12 pins etc. etc.
The tester looks almost like new, and comes with the
original book which is also in excellent condition too.
Heavy duty hinged case in excellent condition.
Will sell for $35.00 plus shipping

Pictures at:

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