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Dave Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Fri Mar 19 10:10:52 EST 2004

I have the following items for sale that are excess to my needs.  Prices
do not include shipping. I will  ship overseas.

Heathkit HW-2036 2 Meter Transceiver and HWA-202-1 Power Supply.....$45
plus shipping.
Nice cosmetic condition. Receiver and power supply work fine.
Transmitter is not working

Eico 315 Signal Generator............$40 plus shipping
This signal generator that covers 75 kHz to 150 MHz in six bands. Output
is either a modulated or a pure RF signal. The unit works well. The
black paint on the dial bezel is peeling. Includes a copy of the manual.


Weston Model 904 Precision AC Voltmeter....$50 plus shipping
This meter measures 0-750 volts and the ranges are changed by making the
appropriate connections on the top of the meter. The ranges are: 3, 7.5,
15, 30, 75, 150, 300 and 750 volts. This is a heavy for it's size,
working unit in excellent condition.

Precision Apparatus Series 85 VOM.........$25 plus shipping
Vintage well built VOM. Tested and working.

Knight Kit Audio  Amplifier...........$35 plus shipping
Knight Kit amplifier from Allied Radio. No model number on the unit. I
believe this unit is from the  late 1950's or early 1960's. I have
checked it out and it works. I had the matching tuner for this a year
ago and it too did not have a model number.

Telefunken AM/FM Radio..............................$35 plus shipping
Vintage Telefunken AM/FM radio. The model is the Caprice 5451W. The
radio is in nice shape cosmetically with no chips or cracks. It plays
well and sounds very good on FM. AM is very weak. The dial cord is
slipping on FM but it is not broken. The two "knobs "seen on the top are
a reflection.

Set of crystals for the Navy TDQ transmitter...$50 plus shipping
Their are 24 crystals of which 23 ( a few duplicates) are the original
Navy crystals; one crystal is not.  The wooden box is in great shape
also. Here are the frequencies all in MHz: 5.80,12.90,13.10, 13.26,
13.50, 13.74,13.75, 13.82, 14.02, 14.02, 14.30, 15.62 ,15.64, 15.66,
15.68,15.78,15.84,15.85, 15.86,15.86,15.86,15.92,15.92, 16.00, 16.24

Thanks for looking.

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