Swapping Hallicrafters Receivers?

edoc kd4e at ARRL.NET
Fri Mar 19 23:18:31 EST 2004

I have recently purchased one S-85, one SX-99, and one R46 speaker.
(Acquired the S-85 because it looks like my SX-99 from teen years,
then came upon the SX-99/R46 set.)

All three are in good shape, though probably not candidates for a
collector seeking an as-new/perfect museum-grade rig.

I would really like to own and use a decent Halli. SX-100 since
it looks like the SX-99 but is a receiver I would actively use more
than the SX-99.

I would not expect the SX-100 to be pristine, though it does
need to be unhacked, reasonably intact cosmetically, and
fully functional.

In the gathered wisdom of this list would a direct swap of the S-85,
the SX-99, and the R46 for a SX-100 be a fair deal for both sides?

I don't wish to waste everyone's time pursuing such a swap if I am
expecting too much in return. I am only seeking to own three devices
(my first Zenith tabletop BC-SW radio, a Hallicrafters SX-100, and a
Drake TR7) -- I cannot justify adding cash to such a swap given that
it is about memories, not "collecting" or with any intent to resell
for profit.

Sure would appreciate informed input from the list!

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e
West Central Florida
Atlas, Drake, Hallicrafters, TenTec ...
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