Linden, Jerome jlinden at SJM.COM
Fri Mar 26 09:33:49 EST 2004

Our company recently updated the server system and I managed to pickup the
power modules from each.  I'm not even sure of the outputs but typically the
have something like +5vdc/75amps, +12/20, etc, etc.  The problem is, I would
like to use them as stand alone supplies for my ham projects.  I have not
been able to get a schematic or even a pin out of the back panel.  It's a
fairly complex supply and even after tearing it apart, I haven't been able
to figure out how to turn it on.  Obviously, its remotely controlled by the
server and with a miniature 38 pin socket, try to figure out what pins turns
it on.  Does anyone have a schematic or just the pin out for a "Agilent
built, HP model D4292A" power supply.  I've tried all the commercial surplus
manual suppliers and no luck.  HP just laughs and Agilent gave me the names
of the manual suppliers.   Tnx for your time and the space.

JR Linden K7PUR
Cave Creek, AZ

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