FS: USed HS-16A Military Telegraphers Headset

Bill Weinel tube_radio at MINDSPRING.COM
Tue May 4 22:23:24 EDT 2004

Hi all,

In cleaning up the shack I have run across a used military HS-16-A military
headset which I had bought many years ago and had forgotten about. This is
the Korea era version of the famous WW II HS-16. It has the two
cloth-covered adjustable steel head bands, with dual magnetic elements (~100
ohms). It has black bakelite  shell earpieces and an appx. 60" olive
cloth-covered cord with bare ends. I checked the cord wiring with an
ohmmeter and it seems to be open... However, the headset elements checked
out ok with the ohmmeter. The headset is stamped "Date of Mfg May '53" and
"MFP May '53". It is in good condition cosmetically..(the usual dirt and
dust from sitting in a box... but no rust or corrosion.) I'm asking $15 +

73 Bill W4WHW

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