Brian Carling AF4K

Ray Colbert w5xe at JUNO.COM
Tue May 11 10:16:30 EDT 2004

Well, I don't know what the problem may be
but Bry is an amateur radio operator, not a
commercial operator,  that happens to be
selling equipment and items that are of interest
to those on the various lists.  A great many number
of the list members make postings selling or buying
equipment on the list and no complaints.  I have
dealt with Bry on some equipment, comments about
equipment and in general exchanges on the list about
glowbugs and boatanchors, all with favorable

Ray, W5XE
Don't ask a man where he's from, if he's from Texas,
he will tell you. If he's not don't embarass him.... Unknown
Ray Colbert, W5XE, OOTC#3618, SOWP#1064M NARTE-NCT2R
 FP-111 QRP-ARCI 5784  El Paso,(FAR WEST)TEXAS

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