Fw: Classic Tube Rcvrs. (LAST CALL)

Orrin Bentz minmar at 2Z.NET
Tue May 25 20:34:16 EDT 2004

 NO, I do not mean the last round before the bar closes:-)

 I have received about 50 responses so far. They keep trickling in, a
every day. I have got to cut this off sometime so I can publish the
results, people are waiting for it. So, at the risk of being called
"high handed" I would like to set the cutoff date for responses as of
this Friday May 28.

 In my initial post on this I forgot to mention that I was mainly
interested in general coverage receivers. If you want to respond with
more of these, please do. I received many responses that listed Ham only
receivers. They will be included in the results.

 As you might expect there were 6 or 7 favorite receivers and then they
varied all over the map.

 One strange thing though. I received two pairs of emails that were
exactly identical from 4 different people. I not sure what to do with
these. I think I will list them separately.


 Orrin Bentz

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