Thermal Grease

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Wed Nov 3 22:35:24 EST 2004

Garey Barrell wrote:

> Jerry -
> There are at least two types that I am aware of.
> The "old" style was clear silicone grease.
> The "new" style is white silicone grease loaded with beryllium oxide.

> (snip)

> By the way, beryllium oxide DUST is considered very toxic if inhaled, so
> I guess you wouldn't want to eat the stuff!

I don't think that the white colored silicone grease contains beryllium oxide, but
has something like aluminum or zinc oxide instead. The reason is toxicity of
beryllium compounds.

There are ceramics made of beryllia (heat sink washers and parts of TWT tubes)
used in electronics, but not the greases. See:

for example.


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