Who uses 'em?

Perry Ballinger w8au at SSSNET.COM
Mon Nov 8 13:04:15 EST 2004

At 12:39 AM 11/8/04, Rinkie & Ron Pollack wrote:
>I've been "lurking" on this list for a while, and got to wondering-How many
>of us actually put this old gear on the air?
>I like to try them out during contests, as there is a lot of activity on
>several bands, and you can tell how everything performs.


Interesting thought!

And... there are a number of "contests" for OT gear where we are on a level
playing field with others....  Classic Exchange for your 60's gear, and the
AWA OT xmtr contests for other period pieces.

I have endured AWA "contesting" with the following example:
RCA AT-40 xtal rig w/PP 801's and plug in coils (1936) and,
Sargent 11UA all-band Regen  (1936).
Zero beating my xmtr freq was all but impossible 'cuz the Regen
would block whenever I keyed the rig.  Had to eventually use a form of
heterodyne detector (similar to BC-221 in operation) to get the two
together.  Multiply this by: changing freqs, changing bands, etc., and you
see how frustrating it can be in "today's" radio world.

BUT... I have a good appreciation of "living history," so I knew my radio
"ancestors" operated the same way and didn't know they were deprived at
all.  I got to experience what they did years ago. And, of course, they
also had a level playing field in their era.

I give Ron credit for "jumping into the fray" and butting heads with radio
"robotics" that control contesting today: COMPUTING that logs, sends CW and
audio transmissions, coordinates your antennas and antenna directions when
a frequency is "plugged" into the system, SO2R stations (Single operator,
two Radios (bands), and an operator to oversee the operation and make sure
he/she pushes the right buttons.  Ron, you deserve the "rugged
individualism" award, for sure!

I confess, tho, that I spent Sunday afternoon on 10 meter AM during the
band opening....listening to some excellent BA rigs (and some RiceBox
imitators that did well) and exchanging comments and ideas.  All this
before the Aurora took out ALL the bands later on.

See ya in the semi-annual CX, Ron...

Perry   w8au

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