Scratched clear plastic

Jerry K w5kp at DIRECWAY.COM
Sun Nov 14 12:29:45 EST 2004

I've had very good luck with Novus Plastic Polish #1, #2, and #3. Pretty low
cost, and a 2-oz bottle lasts a long time. Antique Electronic Supply carries
it, along with a zillion other goodies for the radio restorer.  #3 is the
coarsest (most coarse?), #2 is what I usually use, and #1 is the final
glaze/anti-static finish. See, search on
"novus". I tried it on a pair of reading glasses once just for the heck of
it, and it didn't work very well (or maybe I didn't work hard enough at it).
Seemed like the coated polycarbonate in my reading glasses was harder than
it could deal with. Works gangbusters on old radio dial windows, though,
which are usually made of much softer plastic (which of course is why they
scratch and cloud up so easily).
Jerry W5KP

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Has anyone come up with a way to remove scratches from
clear plastic used in the deal faces of many of the
less expensive receivers.  (Should work on reading
glasses too right?

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