FS: Parts or Fixer-Upper Hammarlund Outercom 50A (2M)

doc kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Fri Nov 26 22:30:13 EST 2004

Still digging here ...

Bought this Hammarlund Outercom many moons ago.  It was misrepresented
as 6M (that would be the 60A) and intact other than a missing speaker
and grille.  Also including cable.  It is less intact and the seller

It has a notch in the front lower edge, speaker and grille are missing,
and may be missing a couple of tubes -- unsure of other less-obvious
hacks.  And no multiconnector cable.

Yours for the $20. it will likely take to ship in the Continental USA
or will garner parts so you may refurbish yours.

I can send pictures and answer easy questions ... ;-)

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e
West Central Florida  100% Linux.  Suse 9.2
Drake, Icom, Hallicrafters, Heathkit, TenTec, Yaesu
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Linux-Incompatible hardware is defective!

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