40m this morning.

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sat Nov 27 10:55:05 EST 2004

W4KBQ in Kingston, North Carolina is BARRELLING in
here on 7285 kc. AM right now. I am in central Florida,
and he is peaking S9 with no preamp on.

He's working a station in Virginia who is running 65 watts,
and only about a 53 here. AM is alive and well, guys!
Now he's working N4RGR who is also rather weak.
About 53 again. N4RGR is running just 25 watts to
a sloper. I hear him fine though.
Harvey W4KBQ is running a homebrew 833A final
modulated by two 813s. COOL!
Jump on in!

73 de AF4K, Brian
Sanford, FL

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