Possible new 40m AM net

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Oct 10 17:19:15 EDT 2004

I was discussing this on another group and thought you guys in GA,
AL and FL might take an interest in a new Saturday morning
 40m AM net

We should talk about the steps necessary to keep a good AM net

My idea is that you need a main net manager and then two
other backup net control stations who will be committed to help out
when the regular guy can't be there to call up the net.
Run it properly with a brief explanatory preamble.
Take a brief standby for emergency and priority traffic
on the frequency. Always be ready and willing to relinquish
the frequency in an emergency.

I would suggest a roundtable format where the net control
keeps track of whose turn it is, and passes it around appropriately.
Try to avoid having ten minute monologues that wear everyone
out. Make most transmissions say 3 to 5 minutes long for example.
Then after about an hour, you go to a brief Boatanchor Swap
session for anyone who wants to list radio gear for sale and wanted.

I think this could be a grand success, since much of the old
nets have disappeared and we have great daytime propagation out
to about 500-600 miles with even small 30-50 watt signals
often being heard at S9 on 40m.

Comments? Additions? Corrections? Improvements?

I would love to see 4 or 5 new 40m AM nets started in the daytimes
on Saturday mornings when signals can often be at their peak.

What say you?

73 de AF4K, Brian

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