Tubes for 1929 transmitter

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sun Oct 10 22:33:57 EDT 2004

I have misplaced my 1927 ARRL Amateur Radio Operator's
Handbook (it will "turn up" just as soon as I quit
looking for it) and am in need of some tube
suggestions to use in my 1929 Brent-Daniel
transmitter.  I have been using tubes from the mid to
late 1930s but they are not really "appropriate".

When I obtained the transmitter there were no tubes or
coils installed and the schematic (which is posted on
the inside of the cabinet) only shows triode types
with no numbers at all indicated.

The circuit consists of a crystal oscillator driving a
"driver" stage driving the final amplifier (three
stages total).  The unit was designed to operate from
batteries for which provision is made inside of the
wooden cabinet.  Since I run the transmitter from an
external AC supply I can run a "little" more power
than it was designed for originally.  However, I am
looking for suggestions for tubes for all three stages
with the final to run between 5 and 20 watts input.

The tube bases are all of the "normal" 4-pin size
(i.e. 01A, 80, etc.) and they are wired for the
"normal" configuration (like the 01A) in terms of
plate and grid connections.

Since I can't locate my 1927 Handbook and all of my
other transmitter references are either way before
this (like for spark transmitters) or else they are
from like 1935 onward which means a lot of different
tubes, I am interested in what suggestions others may

The tubes do need to have the same filament voltage
since they are in parallel.  I can feed different B+
voltages to each tube since there is provision for
this on the front panel.

For anyone who is interested, there are some photos of
the transmitter on the CX (Classic Exchange) website

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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