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Brian Goldsmith brian.goldsmith at ECHO1.COM.AU
Thu Oct 14 04:14:55 EDT 2004

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From: W. Kranitz

I recently came into possession of two Sarkes Tarzian tube
replacement silicon rectifiers. They are Tarzian Model S-5033
marked as 1N1262 and are rated 4.5 KV @ 250 MA. These would
be ideal for a transmitter project I'm working on if I could
find out the pinout's.

***** The 1N1262 has the following pinout:-

Octal base,pin 5 Anode,pin 3 Cathode.

This rectifier is a replacement for 6AU4,6AX4,6BL4,6W4,12AX4,17AX4,25W4.

Brian Goldsmith.

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