Ceramic Rotary Switch Repair

Fred Olsen fwolsen at WI.RR.COM
Fri Oct 22 20:06:05 EDT 2004

Tim Richardson wrote:
> Have a 1 pole 12 throw ceramic rotary switch that has a broken wafer.

Tim, I'd suggest cyanoacrylate (super glue, crazy glue - whatever).  But
only use a premium brand, and I recommend the medium weight gap-filling
grade for that porous ceramic.  That grade will also give you a few
extra seconds of working time.  Some of the best brands are available at
hobby shops as they are used for assembly of flying models.

The wafer should be completely out, disassembled, and cleaned thoroughly
with isopropyl alcohol first.  You must make certain that the two pieces
will re-engage exactly first, grain-for-grain, and that you can repeat
it reliably with the glue applied.  You won't get a second chance.
Follow the glue directions exactly.

Best of luck,
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