ARRL Ruins the AM, CW and DIGITAL bands.

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Tue Oct 26 09:36:24 EDT 2004

On Tuesday 26 October 2004 06:13, Brian Carling wrote:
> It sounds like this ARRL action means they are going to
> further infringe on AM by limiting bandwidth and dividing up
> the bands on the basis of width rather than the present rules!
> It is SICKENING to think that they might further restrict
> AM operation! Also the Pactor-WInlink garbage has got to go...

Here is forwarded message that says it all better than I could:

It seems that the ARRL's plan for allowing unattended robot Pactor
stations to basically operate without regard to ongoing communications
has been proposed so the their rich yacht yuppie friends that are
cruising the oceans can have free access to internet email via the
Winlink system that is operated on tha amateur HF bands !  They have even
encouraged some of these yacht yuppies to get their ham license just so
the could use this service.  Yes, you read that right !  The ARRL is
wanting non hams that cruise the oceans in expensive yachts with six
digit price tags to get their license just so they can get free email
while on the ocean despite the fact that these people can afford more
efficient satelite email service and do the same thing !  I think it's
high time that ALL hams let our so called "only game in town that is
supposed to be working for our common good" called the ARRL to keep email
on the internet and off amateur radio !  The operation that they are
proposing, will allow unattended Pactor robot stations to transmit and
interfere with ongoing communications without you being able to do
anything about it !  That means that if you are working that rare DX
station and a Pactor robot station fires up on the same frequency you are
working the DX station on, you will have no recourse in resolving the
problem because the Pactor station will be within their full legal right
to do so !  Please, lets flood the ARRL directors with email telling them
that we do not want this to be put into effect.  You can get the email
addresses for each director from the ARRL website, so let them know how
you feel, and please pass this on to every ham you know !
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