SBE 34 tranceiver for sale - reduced price

Karl Heimbach kheimbach at EV1.NET
Fri Oct 29 11:38:13 EDT 2004


I obviously overpaid for this radio as there has been very little
interest in it at the $140 I paid. I'll take $115 plus shipping/insurance.

It comes with two copies of the manual, an SBE microphone, and power
cord.  I've owned the rig for six years and have used it only a few times.

It is SSB only and covers 3.775 to 4.025 MHz, 7.05 to 7.3 MHz, 14.1 to
14.35 MHz, and 21.25 to 21.45 MHz.  It uses a plug-in Collins mechanical
filter in the IF.

The rig does not transmit or receive in the 15 meter band.  I have not
investigated the cause.  Other bands are okay and power output measured
(on MFJ wattmeter) as follow:

80 meters - 45 watts
40 meters - 30 watts
20 meters - 30 watts

The meter does not work, and the case has a few scratches on it.  I can
email pictures or arrange a QSO with anyone that may be interested in
it.  Please contact me should you have any additional questions.


Karl - W5QJ

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