Choke Inductance

Kenneth D. Grimm, K4XL kgrimm at ADELPHIA.NET
Mon Sep 6 14:38:36 EDT 2004

> Calling on your help once again.  Have a Stancor C-1411 choke pulled
from a
> basket case Lettine 240 transmitter.  Anyone have an idea of the
inductance of
> this particular model, or, failing that, how it could be determined?
> in advance.
> 73, Alan, KB2HEI

According to the 1948 Stancor catalog that can be downloaded from BAMA,
the C-1411 was 4.5 Hy @ 200 ma., 80 ohms DC resistance and insulated to
3000 volts RMS.  Incidentally, the cost in 1948 was $5.70.

Ken K4XL
k4xl at
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