Ken Simpson, W8EK KenW8EK at HOTPOP.COM
Thu Sep 9 09:56:28 EDT 2004

For Sale:

Triplett 310 "Mighty Mite" VOM.  It includes a nice real
leather case, with Triplett imprinted on it, a set of
original probes, and the original manual.

This unit looks as close to new as you would ever find.
I have looked all over it and can not even find one
scratch.  The manual looks new, except for the possibility
that the pages are not quite as white as they once were.
The leather case is made so that it can go on a belt, but
does not look as if it ever was on one.

I have searched the manual, but find no information
as to the date it was made.  My guess would be in the
50's, but that is only a guess.

$ 75 plus shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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