REDUCED: Yaesu FR-101 Receiver

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Sep 20 08:10:13 EDT 2004


YAESU FR-101 Receiver.
Nice older HF radio. Receiver is all complete and unmodified.<br>
Covers the 160m through 10m amateur HF bands.
The digital dial works fine. All the controls work fine.
It does have all of the bands from AM broadcast through the ham bands.
160m - 10m and tunes them all just fine.
Front panel is immaculate and still has the original plastic cover.
The rear apron is immaculate. There are no modifications.
Receiver case has some minor rust on side, but everything else
including the interior is in fine shape. Very clean inside.
I couldnt get any audio out of it. May need some minor repair.

Will sell for $229.00 plus shipping.

Pictures & details at:

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